Vincent hill / Shangrila, Mussoorie-248179 India

<p>GNFCS Vincent Hill Campus (Boys Campus)</p>
<p>Separate Campus for Girls, apart one kilometer from boys campus</p>

English Medium Residential School

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It is a matter of great pride for the management, staff and children of GNFC School to be voted among the top ten boarding schools in Education World India School Rankings 2017-18. The Girls’ school Shangri-la is ranked as No 7 in India and boys among the top 5 in Uttarakhand.

Affiliated to (CISCE)

I.C.S.E. (Year 10) and I.S.C. (Year 12)

Separate Campuses

Separate Campuses for Boys and Girls

Innovative Learning

LapTab to every child (9th & above)

Radio Khushi 90.4 FM

First Community Radio Station in UK

About Us

Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School, Mussoorie Founded in the sacred memory of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, on the occasion of His 500th birth anniversary, celebrated in November 1969, the Fifth Centenary School was started.To manage the affairs of the institution, it was decided to form the Fifth Centenary School Society, which was registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act, in June 1970. The Society decided to acquire Vincent Hill. The society acquired the Shangri-la estate in March 1977, which houses the Girls School and the Junior section (boysup to Class III)

Campus Life

“A home away from home, which promises fun in learning, care, family atmosphere and friends for life. Located in the beautiful hills of Mussoorie, the school has its own Community Radio Station, Astroturf, Basketball and Lawn Tennis Courts, Gymnasium, Gurudwara, Smart Classes, E-learning and many hobby clubs to groom personalities in a holistic way”.

Boarding & Lodging

The school provides the best boarding and lodging facilities to the students with well-built dormitories. The senior students have rooms shared by three of them.

Activities and Recreation

Both Campuses have running track, Tennis Courts, AstroTurf Basketball Courts, a Cricket Field, a Hockey Field, a full size Swimming Pool, Table Tennis tables. Gymnasium with a multi-station gym

Inter School Activities

Numerous sports activities and competitions have been conducted by M.S.S.A at different platforms in various schools when the swift and promising sports students of GNFCS have performed remarkably in each and every event.

Innovative Learning

‘A Value-Driven Institution having a vision of a Humane Society’ GNFCS Ranked amongst top 10 Boarding Schools In the 2017-18 survey conducted by C-fore Education World.


Jagriti Project

Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School inaugurated the project, Jagriti, “Ignite Minds Awaken Souls”. For the fifth year, more than 745 students registered themselves for special coaching classes.

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Competitive Coaching Classes

Specialized Coaching for IIT, JEE, Medical and others

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Tours & Treks

Every year school send students for educational tours and Treks

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ALUMNI MEET – 4th July, 2018 Bangkok

Radisson Blu Plaza BANGKOK In a worldwide reunion more than two hundred and fifty Centonians from several countries, Members of the Managing Committee Mrs. Amrit Kaur Sabharwal – Vice Chairperson, S. Amarpal Singh Sabharwal, S. Tajinder Pal Singh, Sardarni Jaswinder Kaur, S. Mahinder Pal Singh – Secretary GNFCS School Society, […]

Sharing & Caring by Asees Kaur

Classroom interaction is a practice that enhances the individual development of a child and it helps to share views buried deep inside the heart. A golden opportunity came in the way for the children of classes IV, V and VI when Miss Asees Kaur, daughter of Sardar M. P. Singh […]

गुरु श्री अर्जुन देव जी का शहीदी दिवस अत्यन्त भावपूर्ण एवं श्रद्दधा से मनाया गया

दिनांक 17.6.18 को गु० ना० फि० से० स्कूल में सिख धर्म के पाँचवें गुरु श्री अर्जुन देव जी का शहीदी दिवस अत्यन्त भावपूर्ण एवं  श्रद्दधा से मनाया गया| विद्यालय के छात्रों एवं अध्यापकों द्वारा श्री जपजी साहिब के पाठ से कार्यक्रम का आरम्भ हुआ| सरदार हरबंस सिंह जी ने श्री […]


RENOWNED SCHOLAR OF SIKH PANTH & HEAD OF AKAL ASHRAM – SOHANA BHAI SAHIB DAVINDER SINGH KHALSA (KHANNA WALE) – VISITS SCHOOL Seeking the blessings from holy saints who bestow the love of God are moments one longs for. The children and staff of GNFC School were very fortunate to […]


On 29th May, of the GNFC school bakery was inaugurated by Bhai Saheb Bhai Davinder Singh Ji Khalsa in the presence of Mr. M.P. Singh (Secretary, GNFC School society, Delhi), the Dean Mrs. N.D. Sawhney and the Principal Mr. Anil Tewari. It was the vision of our late Chairman Sardar […]

गु० ना० फि० से० स्कूल में भव्य कीर्तन समागम

दिनांक २८ मई को गु० ना० फि० से०स्कूल मसूरी में कीर्तन समारोह का आयोजन किया गया|समारोह का आरम्भ छात्रों द्वारा शबदगायन से हुआ |छात्रों के गायन से सभागार में उपस्थित प्रत्येक व्यक्ति संगीत धारा में हिलोरें लेने लगा तत्पश्चात  भाई देवेदर सिंह (खन्ना वाले) तथा उनके साथियों द्वारा किये गए […]

Excellent Performance By Girls and Boys

ICSE AND ISC RESULTS 2018 Congratulations Students and Teachers for Cent Percent Results. GNFCS ATTAINS CONSISTENCY IN ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE HIGHLIGHTS 48 STUDENTS APPEARED IN ICSE (YEAR10) BOARD EXAM ALL FIRST DIVISIONS ICSE (YEAR-10) RESULT MARCH 2018 ISC (YEAR-12) RESULT MARCH 2018  Total Number of Students appeared 48 Total Number of […]


It was a fantastic day for our school’s annual fete, warm sunshine lots of visitors and so much to see and do. The fete was held in the school premises on 12th May. The chief guest for this mega event was Mr. Manmohan Singh Mall former Chairman Mussoorie Nagar Palika. […]


Centonians Pay Rich Tributes To Our Former Chairman Late S. Jaspal Singh The children and staff of Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Vincent Hill & Shangri-la paid rich tributes and homage to former Chairman Late S. Jaspal Singh Ji on 7th May, 2018. To commemorate his first death anniversary all […]

जी० एन० एफ० सी० एस० विन्सेंट हिल में वाद विवाद एवम् काव्यपाठ का भव्य आयोजन

अपने विचारो को सही माध्यम से प्रभावशाली ढंग से दूसरों तक पहुँचाना एक कला है। यही कारण है कि आज समय समय पर सभी विद्यालयों में छात्रों की प्रतिभा निखारने के लिए वाद विवाद प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया जाता है। प्रत्येक वर्ष की भाँति इस वर्ष तीन मई को हमारे […]