Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Mussoorie
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Sri Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Ji
Late S. Mehtab Singh ji
Late Sdn Jasbir Kaur ji
Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Mussoorie (Boys)
Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Mussoorie (Girls)

...Achievements in 2010...


24th & 25th April, 2010 - Master Gurkirat Singh of class 7th
participated in Punjab State Sub Junior state Championship. He
scored 5 points out of 7 rounds and was awarded the certificate
of merit.

26th April, 2010 - Godiyal Memorial Cricket Tournament was
organized by the Mussoorie Cultural & Sports Association.
Different clubs & esteemed schools participated in this tourney.
The chief guest, Shri Ravinder Jugran with Mussoorie MLA, Shri
Jot Singh Gunsola and Nagar Palika President Shri O.P. Uniyal
judged Master Shantanu Siag, as the best bowler of the
tournament. Master Shantanu Siag, the all-rounder of Vincent
Hill was also selected for the Aspen Crew Uttarakhand State
Basketball Championship.


8th May, 2010 - The day was filled with a jovial air, a mood of
festivity provided all around. The campus of Shangri - La was
adorned with bright colours as the Centonians enjoyed
themselves on Fete' 2010.

15th May, 2010 - Last year being 'Runners Up', this year
Centonians set out with a firm determination to win the Mussoorie
School Sports Association Cricket Trophy. It was a tough job but
their team work made them 'The Undefeated Champions'. The
senior boys lifted the trophy, it was possible due to strategy of
the skipper Master Deepak Reddu, Master blaster Sudershan
Sharma, Master Rinku Sharma, Master Javed Alam, Master
Naveen Sharma & Master Deepak Mittal.


6th August 2010 ( Investiture ) -

"Great Leader doesn't take people where they want to be but
where they ought to be"

Leadership qualities are to be included in a student from the
grass root levels. The office-bearers get to know the importance
of authority combined with responsibility. Mr. Austine Eapen,
Deputy Inspector General of Indo Tibetian Border Police (ITBP),
Mussoorie did the honour of decorating with badges to
Centonians this year.

15th August, 2010 - ( Independence Day - Patriotic Fever ) -
Centonians celebrated the 64th Independence Day by hosting
tricolour, singing melodious national anthem & few national
songs. Indian martyrs and national leaders were glorified by way
of eloquent speeches and poetry recitation in 3 languages.

16th August, 2010 - When the children are at zenith, how can
be the mentor left behind. Mr. Thomas Francis was awarded the
most honourable designation of the year by the "Life Time
Achievement Award" in the field of sports by the Mussoorie
Cultural & Sports Association.

25th August, 2010 - The Eco Task Force organized an Art
Competition to fulfill their mission. The topic for the day was "My
Earth, My Duty". NCC boys from different renowned schools
participated in this competition. Master Preetpal Singh of class
10th was evaluated as the second best in his category. On the
occasion of the World Earth Day, several events were held in the
city. The purpose of the event was to plant trees & spread
awareness about environmental conservation.


16th September, 2010 - The Centonians left the audience
spellbound in the Inter-School Rotary Debate. This year the moot
point of discussion was "Education System Today Produces
Valueless Degree Holders". Miss Anuroop Sandhu was adjudged
as the best debater. Master Mezanuddin Ahmad bagged the
second prize. He was also selected as the best speaker in
rebutting section. Master Jaskaran S. Gujral & Master
Mezanuddin Ahmad proved their caliber in this line of fire & lifted
the most prestigious trophy.

23rd & 24th September, 2010 - The most renowned schools of
Mussoorie participated in the Table Tennis Tournament. The
tournament was organized by GNFC School which was held in
GNFCS Shangri - La. After a tough combat the junior boys lifted
the trophy & in the senior category, boys & girls were the first
runner up.
GNFCS (Girls)
GNFCS (Boys)