Vincent hill / Shangrila, Mussoorie-248179 India


We suffered a great loss in the year 2017 when we lost our Chairman Sardar Jaspal Singh, who was a great visionary and a luminary in the field of education. He was the illustrious son of the founders of this august institution; Sardar Mehtab Singh and Sardarni Jasbeer Kaur who actualized the mission of setting up this school founded in the sacred  memory of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji, on the occasion of his 500th birth anniversary, celebrated in November 1969. They established this value driven institution with a vision of a human society where children would not just come out to learn to make a living, but make a life.

Since then Sardar Jaspal Singh  had been carrying forward the legacy of his parents beautifully, with great commitment. He ensured that the seed of knowledge planted by his late parents would continue to flourish.

A reflection of this mind set was conveyed when he said “Some times this is what happens to dreams deferred, they survive beyond time like seeds waiting for the right time to take roots growing into a tree that would bring  succor to many”.

 A visionary, philanthropist and a great educationist S. Jaspal Singh was a fatherly figure for all of us. He was the most admired and loved person whom all of us looked up to for his valuable guidance and benevolence. He was a great source of inspiration to all of us. At the helm of affairs he gave the school a new direction, equipping it with modern amenities for children, excellent infrastructure for sports and inspiring teachers to use technology to its fullest.

Children’s welfare, sound education and spiritual development was foremost in his mind. He firmly believed that if you want to bring positive changes in the society and the world, educate the children, make them good human beings first and knowledge will follow. With his passing away, I felt  a great personal loss. I am greatly indebted to him for giving me all support and encouragement.  He was extremely modest, one of the most selfless person I have ever known.

He was a pillar, a cementing force not only for the family but for the community and society, a source of strength and love.

“Your progressive thoughts, positive approach to life, your ever smiling face and    ever helping hand, all are irreplaceable.”

Sardar Jaspal Singh inherited  a  philanthropist bent of mind and always felt the need to give back to society.

He was closely associated with many educational and health care organization and kept helping them till his end.

We can not thank him enough for all that he has done for us. We don’t have to confine him to a photograph hung on the wall, we have to keep him alive in our memory, we have to keep him alive in our conversation and we have to keep him alive in our daily life.

An Epitome of humility he will continue to live in our hearts. His legacy shall continue to inspire generations to come. The vacuum created by his absence can never be filled

N. D. Sawhney